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The benefits of massage therapy goes beyond relaxation; when performed by a certified professional, massotherapy improves blood and lymph circulation, eases muscular tension, promotes the elimination of toxins from the body, and stimulates vital organ function.

At Loft all our massage therapy sessions are coupled with aromatherapy to provide maximal benefits. Our menu of massage options can also be customized to each individual's need, so feel free to discuss your expectations with the massage therapist.

All massage therapy sessions are administered by a registered massotherapist with an insurance receipt provided upon request.



$100 - 60 min / $145 - 90 min

Classic massage targeting superficial muscles to promoting relaxation and improved blood circulation

Deep Tissue

$115 - 60 min / $160 - 90 min

Therapeutic massage targeting muscles and deep connective tissues to treat muscoskeletal issues such as strains and minor injuries

Hot Stone

$115 - 60 min / $160 - 90 min

Relaxation massage providing stress & anxiety relief, while easing sore and tense muscles through expert placement of hot stones

Lymphatic Drainage

$115 - 60 min / $160 - 90 min

Gentle strokes promoting movement & drainage of lymph fluids in the body, relieving swelling while improving circulation


$115 - 60 min / $160 - 90 min

A deep tissue massage specifically  targeting sport-related pain and injuries

Lomi Lomi

$115 - 60 min / $160 - 90 min

Traditional Polynesian massage that uses a combination of kneading & breathing techniques to provide relaxation and energy restoration

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